Race-specific Bio-weapon Similar to SARS in the Making

October 10, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Though the world has stopped discussing about the SARS disease these days, it is still a horrible memory. Many have died of this horrible disease and the latest news suggests that a disease similar to SARS is likely to be used as a bio-weapon.

The most significant fact about this is that the disease will be race specific; yes, only a particular race will be affected and it makes this disease the number one bio-weapon in its class.

The whole thing started when WHO released an alert to doctors concerning a new SARS virus that appears to be race-specific; attacking individuals of only the Arab descent.

A man from Saudi Arabia who was diagnosed with pneumonia and acute renal failure and another from Qatar had their DNA sequenced. It was discovered that the virus that killed both men were the same.

However, to distract the public, Gregory Hartl, WHO spokesperson is claiming that the two men contracted the new SARS from animals. There is no proof that the new SARS is contagious or spread from human-to-human.

The new SARS causes kidney failure which is not indicative of a respiratory virus such as coronaviruses like the original SARS. WHO is calling for doctors to assist in the definition of this new virus and investigate patients that display symptoms of acute respiratory syndrome.

Is this disease a bioweapon? No one can neglect that possibility. In October 2003, Tong Zeng, a Chinese lawyer published a book that speculated that SARS could be a biological weapon developed by the United States against China.

In the book, Tong disclosed that in the 1990s, many American research groups collected thousands of blood and DNA samples and specimens of mainland Chinese (including 5000 DNA samples from twins) through numerous joint research projects carried out in China.

These samples were then sent back to the United States for further research, and could be used in developing biological weapons targeting Chinese people.

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