Nokia Lumia 920 Heads for AT&T for Stateside Debut

October 5, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

AT&T will be the first wireless carrier to start selling the Lumia 920 high-end smart phone that runs the Windows Phone 8 OS. The phone will go on sale in November this year – that’s next month folks!

The Lumia 920 may be seen as an attempt by the company to get back in the mainstream as it once was. The announcement kick starts the Finnish major’s fight with big names like Apple and Google Android devices. Somebody who has tasted success by reigning on top would never think of giving it up without a good strong effort.

The Lumia 920 has a brilliantly bright plastic body. The 4.5 inch display is really wide. Its 8.7 megapixel camera is claimed to have the ability to capture 5 to 10 times amount of light than any other smartphone. Near Field Communication and wireless charging support are the other main features.

For your fancy, City Lens software in the device will display the names of shops and restaurants by just pointing the camera at them.

AT&T claims that it will be the only wireless carrier in the US to sell both the high-end Lumia 920 and the cheaper Lumia 820.

The Finnish company’s Lumia is also a trump card for Microsoft for it to get back its space in the smartphone software market.

The last 18 months were not that great for Nokia, as they lost about 3 billion euros in operating losses. If Lumia 920 can set the standard for the new smartphone era to come, then it’s a resurrection!

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