Apple Treads a Different Line; Picks Strategies Unheard of Earlier

October 4, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Apple always has had fewer products in the offering than its competators, but it has remained better off. As Apple Chief Designer Sir Jonathan Ive says, if they can’t make something better, they wont do it.

Considering the case of the iPhone 5, it surely is a better one. But like we expected, it may not be the best. Then again, the company is about to launch its new iPad Mini later this month.

Why these simple steps from the unparalleled company like Apple? Are they afraid of losing the market? Apple’s competitors offer multiple choices ranging from many prize points to a variety of screen sizes, operating systems and chips.

Apple’s new iPhone 5, on the other hand, is seemingly trying to satisfy the iFans out there with a longer and larger screen, speedy A6 processor, slim design, light weight and such seemingly marginal upgrades. And that surely states it’s not the futuristic gadget the fanboys wanted.

Well, it seems that the case with the rocketing success of the iPhone 4 and 4S was not just related to its stay away from the paradox of choices. It was more because of the far better concept and the absence of a real competitor.

And now, two years down the line and post launch of the iPhone 4, the digital arena has changed a lot. The new iPhone 5 seems lacking when it comes to mesmerizing the iFans – they are just left to sigh and smile.

With the iPad Mini and iPhone 5, Apple seems to be proving itself more desperate to get in to its elements yet again.

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