Apple iPhone 5 Comparatively Less Toxic than Other Phones

October 4, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Considering the toxicity of things, it’s better to be careful while buying than to search for cures later. So to ease the issues on toxicity, iFixit and have done a few tests and compared the relative toxicities of different phones.

Both sites did chemical analyses on 36 phones and the result suggests that Apple’s two newest models ranked in among the five least toxic. The least toxic phones also had devices from Samsung and Motorola.

Zero to five was considered the scale, such that zero being the least toxic and five the most toxic. Six phones got a low enough score to be considered of “low concern”: the Motorola Citrus (2.56), iPhone 4S (2.69), LG Remarq (2.69), Samsung Captivate (2.71), iPhone 5 (2.75) and Samsung Evergreen (2.81).

As many as 24 of the phones were rated as “medium concern”, and six handsets were marked as “high concern.” The six highest scores all came from devices made before 2010 and included the original iPhone, which received the maximum score of 5.00, the Palm m125 (4.58), the Motorola Renew (4.56), the Nokia N95 (4.50), the BlackBerry Storm 9530 (4.41) and the Palm Treo 750 (4.26).

Although the iPhone 4S was found to be slightly better than the iPhone 5, the analysis did show steady improvement from Apple over the years. Earlier this year, Apple had to face a lot of negative comments after voluntarily removing itself from the EPEAT green electronics certification program.

Anyhow, the result of the research have subsided it all. According to the research, every phone contained some amount of lead, bromine, chlorine, mercury and cadmium. The Samsung Galaxy S III and iPhone 5 had some levels of lead and mercury too.

But overall, these were indeed better than all other phones that were taken into consideration.

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