Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Crew Talks About the Tech on Video

October 1, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The hands behind the Kindle Paperwhite are shown in a video released by Amazon. The team of engineers that worked on the device explains the technology that went into making one of the top e-readers available in the market.

The thing you might notice first about Kindle Paperwhite would be its lighting, which is sharp and bright enough to let you read in any condition. The light shines from the side of the screen and spans across it, so you won’t be having bright light blinding your eye.

The light across the screen flows down toward the display, cutting through a reflecting film layer of 0.5mm thickness. There’s an area called the Light Guide, which is where the light around the rim of the display is captured and reflected across the face.

The Light Guide is nano-imprinted and is similar to a fiber-optic cable in function. The light travels through it and down towards the capacitive touch screen instead of directly into your eyes.

There was a whole lot of work done to get it done perfectly- from choosing the best LEDs, to calibrating the Light Guide from tight to loose so as to use one light source in an even manner.

The crew had to labor for 8 years to get the device to perfection.

After such extensive research and development, the Kindle Paperwhite is all set to hit shelves early next month. The device could be considered for you shopping list if you are into reading.

The Paperwhite is extremely light, so it would be comfortable to take around. Besides, the battery life is longer, and Amazon vouches that the Kindle Paperwhite takes on a whole new meaning on e-reading than the Kindle Fire HD.

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