RIM BlackBerry 10 Devices Shown Off in Leaked Video

September 28, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

BlackBerry’s next-gen devices are on a leaked tape. RIM has been trying to fire off their rockets after getting slumped by other leading smartphones, and now they hope to get ahead with their BlackBerry 10.

The leaked video shows off the BlackBerry L Series and the BlackBerry N Series, and they do look tasty. The L Series might seem familiar with their full touchscreen interface, while the N Series takes on the traditional BlackBerry look with a Physical QWERTY keyboard; the trackball is missing though.

Looking through the video, it does appear that RIM has molded some winners. The video shows navigation and twitter integration and the user-friendliness across the board.

The outline of the video is a creative project that involves a BlackBerry 10 device changing hands, from one user to another. The project involves 10 selected people – both celebrities (Lady Gaga, JK Rowling etc) and non-celebrities – who are brought together by a mind to do something creative.

Each user will get a day to make their creative product and they will then pass on the device to the next person. At the end of the day, their works would be put up through different online portals for the world’s viewing.

Then, at BlackBerry World, RIM’s CEO would be handed the phone and he would proceed to show the new features of the device; also displaying the creativity of each person who has held the device for a day.

The project would continue to progress even after the vent, or at least, that’s what the video explains; don’t know how much of it will come to pass now that the video has been leaked, and everyone knows the plan!

It’s true that we have no solid confirmation that the video here is created for public viewing, but it does look like one for RIM. A marketing agency is speculated to have created this video for RIM, and it looks to be a pitch in for an ad.

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