BlackBerry 10 May Not Be Enough To Save A Sinking RIM

September 28, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Research In Motion, the company behind once popular BlackBerry phones may not find the future so promising as they expect to.

The company and their devices were once a standard among business executives and the elite with many big corporations opting the platform and BlackBerry device as corporate handsets for their staff.

But with Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android making ground breaking changes in the smartphone market, RIM and its BlackBerry have severely lost ground.

However, RIM has good hopes about BlackBerry 10, the new platform which they are going to launch soon. But analysts point out that BB10 will not be enough to save the sinking ship. According to them, BlackBerry is looked at as being outdated by most of its earlier customers.

Many companies who were using BlackBerry as their corporate devices are now either opting out fully or are reducing their use.

Yahoo has recently made it clear that they are putting away BlackBerry as corporate device for their staff and encourage other popular devices like iPhone 5 of Galaxy SIII.

On Tuesday, RIM has showed off the features of BlackBerry 10, its new operating system. It has a bunch of interesting new features like a unified inbox which delivers mails, social network messages, calendar information and everything at one place.

But such changes will not be enough to pull the crowds it has lost in the meanwhile, says analysts.

The worsening financial situation and eroding market shares are making investors hesitant to take a positive step towards the company also. RIM suffered a 40.9 percent fall in its market share over 2011.

In short, BlackBerry 10 may be too little and too late to save RIM.

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