Samsung ChatOn App Offers Free, Interesting Ways of Chatting Up With Friends

September 27, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Ever thought that the Short Messaging Service and Multimedia Messaging Service on your smartphone are not cute enough for you to keep in touch with your friends in real time? Samsung has just rolled its ChatOn app which can help you do it in a better way.

The app can be used even on rival platforms like iOS and Blackberry apart from the Android platform Samsung usually uses. The ChatOn app is available through the app stores in each platform and is absolutely free. The app can also give you the nostalgic feel of using the Yahoo Messenger or MSN messenger, if you no more use them.

Just like the desktop real time chat applications, ChatOn can be used to chat with your friends in real time using your smartphone.

To keep the chat sessions lively and interesting, the app provides a set of interesting emoticons. Unlike usual chat apps, ChatOn even allows adding pictures, videos and audio messages. If you want to be more creative, draw your own emoticons to share during the conversation.

The feature can record the drawing process of and can convert it into a playable video to be watched in later.

Even if the chat session is over, the images and other media used during the chat will be saved to ‘Trunk’. Later your friends can mark their comments on these images.

We really found it funny and useful to keep in touch with friends. If you ever tried ChatOn , please tell us your experience here.

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