Google Maps Integrates Underwater Panoramas to Street View

September 27, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Google Maps has added one feature, which will make it a favorite surfing spot, not just to find routes, but to have some interesting underwater expeditions. The search giant has just integrated underwater panoramic views to the Street View feature of their map application Google Maps.

The new feature allows users to go through the vivid and different world under the sea in six special sea spots in the world.

The move is part of making a virtual replica of the world under water, and also to document the fragile ecosystems, which are being threatened by climate change and global warming.

The new street view addition allows people who do not get a chance to go under water with sophisticated diving equipments to enjoy the coral reefs and under water creatures found in Australia, Philippines and Hawaii.

According to Google, the images were provided by the Catlin Seaview Survey, a partner. The director of the institution has been quoted as saying it is not just helping people watch the ocean from their desktops.

It is also about documenting the changes to the ocean over a period of time. Moreover, as people get a chance to watch the word under water, it is easy to make them understand the conservation significance.

According to available information, small teams of divers have collected the images over a period of six months. The images collected by the three underwater cameras on their vehicles every four seconds were later stitched together to make the 360 degree panoramas.

Presently, it covers the Great Barrier Reef, two sites in Hawaii and one sea spot in Philippines. The feature will soon cover more areas in the future.

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