Apple iPhone 5 Lightning Cable Too Tight to Remove, Complain Early Users

September 26, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The Apple iPhone 5 is gradually reaching the hands of the early birds. Now, there are at least some reports about the difficulties faced with the accessories of the device.

The lightning cable offered by Apple to its new iPhone 5 owners is now found to be too tight to remove from USB ports after plugging it in.

Lightning cable is used for connecting the iPhone device to charge them via USB ports to stick in USB sockets. It is the replacement for the earlier 30 pin connector. It has the usual type A USB plug, but it is difficult to use due to some design anomalies, reports earlier users.

The posts in Apple’s support communities show that many users are facing the problem. According to the posts, the connector is too tight to remove it from a USB ports to which it is plugged. One user has reported that while trying to unplug the cable he ended up finding the white sleeve over the connector sliding off. However, he was able to unplug it in the end and has replaced the cable from the Apple store.

Preliminary assumptions suggest that the two small rectangles cut into one side of the plug are reportedly deeper than similar rectangles in other connectors. It makes the USB socket to fit more deeply, making it very difficult to unplug later.

Putting downward pressure by angling the plug little down may help easy removal. If you have also faced the same issue, let us know.

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