Samsung Galaxy S IV Might Not Make it Next Year

September 25, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

A couple of days ago, we talked about Samsung’s habit of firing away products rapidly and how the smartphone world is riddled with rumors of the Galaxy S IV.

After hearing such wild news, those who haven’t bought their S III yet, might have withheld their purchases, hoping for the S IV to make the markets soon.

But if you are hoping to skim over to the S IV right away, you might have to wait for a longer time than what was rumored before. The previously hyped launch date was for March 2013, but the sightings on Samsung’s Korean Twitter account says otherwise.

The tweets say that the rumors are not true, which means that Samsung’s speculated flagship handset won’t be making it out any time soon. It could also mean that there’s no Galaxy S IV to begin with, but we like to think there is, that Samsung would continue spewing forth flagship successors.

The tweet would most likely affect the hordes who were holding off on the Galaxy S III. But one can also look at the tweet as Samsung’s way of downplaying the rumors.

Many think that the Mobile World Congress 2013 would be the perfect place for Samsung to unveil their Galaxy S I . Assumptions still tout the month after the event, that is March, would be the time when the company would place it in markets.

With a lot of smoke surrounding the smartphone, we are pinching each snippet with more grains of salt than ever before. Nothing about the handset’s specifications has been let out apart from an assumption that the S IV will be sporting a larger display of 5-inches.

Additionally, some are pointing out that the handset would feature a stylus like the one seen with the Galaxy Note 2.

Given that the screen size is bigger, and with a stylus in tow, it wouldn’t be surprising if the rumored Galaxy S IV turns out to be a Galaxy Note 3.

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