Shut up Speech Jammer Leaves You Speechless, If You Blabber For Long

September 24, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Some people believe it is better to listen than talk. Unfortunately, others believe just the opposite.

They leave you helpless at a meeting by going blah blah blah using more time than allotted or by killing your time chatting endlessly at a busy hour or even by embarrassing you by purposefully ignoring a silent zone.

The Shut Up speech jammer may be the best ever invention to curb the menace of insensible chatter boxes. The new system was developed by Japanese researchers and can be applied in a set of different situations. According to the researchers, the speech jammer uses a unique way to disrupt the speech of a person. It will repeat the voice of the speaker after a delay of few seconds making the speech mixed up.

The effect will force the speaker to eventually shut up, and that has been proven when the prototype was tested.

The device has even received kudos from the folks out there, when it bagged the Ig Nobel in acoustics of the year. The award which is instituted by the Annals of Improbable Research is usually given to humorous scientific discoveries.

The echo effect, according to the developers, is very much annoying which leaves the speaker with no way than just to stop speaking.

Japanese researchers, who have developed the device, think it will be most useful when a particular participant takes more time than allotted in meetings.,

However, there are apprehensions that oppressive authorities may add the device to their weapon list to disrupt public speaking up against the authorities.

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