Apple Scouts for Ex-Google Map Employees to Develop Own Map App

September 24, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

After its map applications came under fire mainly from Nokia when the fight between iPhone 5 and Lumia 920 had intensified, Apple is now aggressively recruiting people who have worked with Google to develop Google Maps, possibly to develop its own Map Application.

Currently, Apple depends on a dozen or so third parties to gets the content for its map application, which has left it way too behind in the race to bring detailed and accurate maps to customers in the major markets.

Reports suggest that the Cupertino company is trying to lure people who have worked on Google Maps on contract, with the help of recruiters.

Apart from the bundle offered, the invite to develop a brand new platform than making updates for an almost complete one will be enough tempting for many of them, believes Apple.

Many at Google Maps working under contract started finding it boring when they entered the indoor mapping phase after a very interesting integration of Street View and turn-by-turn navigation.

So when they started looking around for other opportunities, they were contacted by recruiters from Cupertino.

We hear at least two ex-Google Map employees have heard the message from Apple and at least one has enrolled into the new position.

Moreover, recent job ads posted by Apple also show the rumor is true. Now they are in search of more talent, possibly from Google itself, since Google Employees know better about what type of data should be used, how the key word searches happen and also about the rendering priorities in a map application to optimize the user experience.

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