Nokia Lumia 920 Gets Compared to Apple iPhone 5

September 22, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

This is the time of smartphone floods; with almost all major players coming out with a new device, right from Apple with its iPhone 5 to Nokia with their new Lumia devices. So it is their issue to fight the war to get maximum attention from the consumers in the crowd of new devices.

Samsung has done its part well with a series of print ads as well as TV ads to boast that their GS3 device is always better than the new iPhone 5. Nokia has done the same, but not going the mudslinging way of Samsung. The Finnish phone maker has put up an infographic in which it has compared the new iPhone 5 with its new flagship device Lumia 920.

Interestingly, the infographic has no gimmick and uses facts to make the comparison. It shows that iPhone 5 has an 8 mp cam with an f2.4 aperture while the cam on Lumia 920 is 8.7 megapixels with better light performance.

Similarly, it highlights the quality of its display including the hyper sensitive touch support which allows you to use it with your gloves on.

Interestingly, Nokia has decided to use the upper edge it has on mapping technology to fight the publicity war against iPhone 5. They have made a map benchmarking on their official blog which reveals the weakness of the map service on iOS 6. The infographics also highlights this point.

However, the whole campaign is very decent without trying to attack the rival with sarcasm or mudslinging, but by presenting facts in a decent language.

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