Occupy Wall Street Protestors Sneak into Queue for iPhone 5

September 21, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

People who are not essentially Apple fan-sheep look at the long queues in front of Apple stores with sarcasm. However, a group of people, who claim to be members of the Occupy Wall Street protest decided to make use of the iPhone 5 line in front of Apple’ s major retail outlet, the Apple Store on the 5th Avenue in Manhattan.

According to reports, Shiloh Coral, 22 and Thomas Volanos, 21 who were part of the group claimed that they have joined the line of people waiting for an iPhone as a way to protest the iPhone maker’s labor practices in China.

They have also claimed that the protest is against the commercialization and waste that the company is promoting with its products.

Though there is no credible information available, rumors and tweets from related sources inform that the protest may be called ‘Occupy Apple’. However, it is not clear what type of protest they are planning to make in front of the store when it is about start selling out the iPhone 5.

It will be more than embarrassing for the company if the Occupy Wall Street protestors disrupt the initial sales in its most prestigious retail outlet in the country.

If the protest turns towards bringing up controversies about the company, it will again be a blow on the god image of the company.

Apple has been criticized for not taking steps to stop mistreatment of workers at its supply partners’ Chinese plants.

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