Sony Play Station 3 New Model Announced

September 20, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

After all the rumors, the brand new model of Play Station 3 from Sony has come out, complete with official pictures. Sony has made the announcement today at a news conference which it held prior to the Tokyo Game Show, where the new version of its popular gaming console will be released.

The new model is more portable and easy to use with its smaller and lighter body. According to Sony, the new PS3 is 25 percent smaller than the current PS3 while it has become 20 percent lighter also.

The new console will have two variants – the 250 GB model and the 500 GB model. Similarly, it will have two shade options – a white one and a black one.

The black version will be hitting the markets first. It will come out in Japanese market in October 4. According to Sony, the white version of the console will come out on November 22.

However, guys in the US will be luckier with the 250 GB model hitting the shelves on September 25. It will have ‘Uncharted 3’ along with it. Customers picking the new console in the US will also get a $30 digital content voucher for DUST 514. The model will be priced at $270.

The 500 GB model will take more time to reach the US. Presently, Sony plans to launch the 500 GB variant in the US on October 30. Customers will get Assassin’s Creed III with it. However, Sony is yet to reveal anything on its price.

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