New Samsung TV Ad Mocks Apple Fans Again [Video]

September 20, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

After rolling out a newspaper ad pitting the new iPhone 5 against Samsung Galaxy S III in such a way that the S III takes a top position, Samsung has resorted to mudslinging Apple fans craving for the iPhone 5 through their TV ads.

The new ads are similar to earlier ones Samsung had rolled out, mocking the iPhone fan sheep waiting at the Apple stores to get a new device. The new ad also shows a couple of Apple Stores in different parts of the country and the long queues in front of them.

While waiting in line, Apple fans make comments which are typical of loyal fans that are ignorant about the developments brought by Apple rivals, especially Samsung. “I hear the new connector is all digital”, says one of the iPhone fans excitedly. “What does that even mean?!”, she exclaims.

Another one worries about the need for the new adapters since the dock size has changed. “Yeh, yeh, but they make the coolest adapters”, says an over confident iPhone fan to another worried one. Obviously, the Apple fans get dumbstruck by seeing the GS3 devices with the passerby or even those in the line who are holding the position for their friends or relatives.

Another Apple fan even tries to convince another mate who has earlier moved on to the Samsung camp, about the exciting features of the new iPhone like the big screen. “But it has got a bigger one”, says the old mate showing off his GSIII device.

So the point is clear, iPhones will upgrade to new generations, patent suits will pop up now and then, but Samsung is not going to stay away from mudslinging Apple and its fans.

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