iOS 6 Accessibility Features Can Be Handy For People Without Disabilities Too

September 20, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

When Apple rolled out iOS6, it stuffed in better accessibility features on the platform which made it easier for people with disabilities to use the iOS 6 devices. However, the interesting aspect is that anybody can make use of these accessibility options for easy use of the device, even if they are not disabled.

For example, imagine that the sleep button on top of the phone got damaged somehow due to rough handling. In such situations also, features like Assistive Touch, which helps to lock the phone with the help of software without any support from hardware, can help you carry on the business as usual.

In iOS6, such features have received a boost. Now users can make direct access to Voice control, Screen shot and the Multitasking menu.

Guided Access, a new feature with iOS6 is also interesting. It allows you to lock down your phone in such a way that only one app can be used. The feature also allows the user to circle off portions of the display which they don’t want usable.

This feature can be handy as a potential child lock feature. For instance, if your kids want to draw on the iPad screen, you can use the Guided Access to make sure that the children are just using the screen to draw pictures and are not spoiling something you have left away half done.

These are just indications as to how the accessibility features included in iOS6 can be very much useful even for people without disabilities.

All you need to have is a little creativity and the patience to explore. If you got an idea, share it here.

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