ZTE WP8 Phones, Windows RT devices Come Out in Blurry Shots

September 19, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Windows Phone 8 is a pot full of expectations, both for the Windows Phone fans as well as for the smartphone manufacturers. As many phone makers are prepping up their own Windows Phone 8 weapons in their stables, we get a rumor or two, in the meantime.

ZTE too, is eyeing on the lucrative market pie to be shaped by the launch of the Windows Phone 8. To give us an idea about what they are planning under the hood to celebrate the Windows Phone 8 launch, the Chinese smartphone maker has released an out of focus teaser of three Windows Phone 8 devices from them.

The image is no part of some rumor mill leak, but straight from ZTE marketing strategy manager Dennis Lui.

He has shared the image on his sina Weibo account. The only device which is somewhat visible in the unfocused image has resemblance with ZTE Tania.

However, many experts believe that though the device looks like running WP8, it could be the WP8 simulator app only.

Among the other two devices, the middle one seems to be running some Windows Phone 7 version while that on left looks to have the original Windows Phone 8.

Meanwhile, Lui has also shared the picture of a Windows RT slate with Windows 8.

So that means, ZTE is going to flood the market with its Windows 8 and WP8 devices. However, they may continue to offer Windows Phone 7 devices too.

We hope ZTE will thus deliver Windows 8 and WP8 for the mid-range market.

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