Google Book Scanning Suit Withheld Pending Appeal

September 19, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The trial court proceedings between search giant Google and thousands of authors who are members of The Author’s Guild have been temporarily delayed by an appeals court.

The appeals court judge has halted the procedures since the court is considering an appeal from the search giant against the decision from a judge to give class action status to the litigation from the authors.

Judge Denny Chin, on May 31st,had allowed the authors request to give class-status for their suits which helps them to fight the case against Google together. However, with the appeal court giving permission to Google to challenge the decision, the proceedings of the case will get delayed.

The Authors Guild had sued Google at the US Federal Court in New York demanding $750 per book Google scanned for distribution through the Google eBooks service.

The guild has alleged that Google’s move was not a fair one under copyright laws. However, Google has replied to the allegation pointing out that Google Books is a fair way of allowing readers to find interesting books much like a digital variant of the card catalogs.

Though the search giant has argued in the court to dismiss the suit, it has later agreed to settle the issue for $125 million in March 2011. However, Judge Denny Chin has rejected the settlement option citing legal grounds.

The judge has pointed out that the agreement gave monopolistic powers to Google to scan and copy books without the consent of the copyright holder.

However, with Google given a chance to challenge the decision to grant class suit to authors’ litigation, the case is sure to drag on for a long time.

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