Samsung Galaxy S IV on the Cards

September 18, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The smartphone world is all in a tizzy and all of it owing to the clashed swords (or gadgets, for that matter) of the titans – Samsung and Apple.

While these corporate giants of the electronic world are busy with their legal tussles, there’s a lot of fire raging with the release of their new products.

While Apple stepped ahead with their iPhone 5, Samsung has already gone sailing with their Galaxy Note II and Galaxy S III. While its latest flagship smartphone came out a few weeks ago as the “next big thing designed for humans”, the company is reportedly not pushing the brakes on that one.

Rumors are flying high and fast about another biggie from the electronics giant. The company is, we hear, looking forward to introducing the world to their Galaxy S4.

Surprised? Well, don’t be. At least not in a huge way, because Samsung is highly notorious for releasing their shiny, smart products like the firing of an SMG.

Look back through their releases, and you will find that the Galaxy Note II came out within six months after the original Note came out. Additionally, the Galaxy S II came out last August, while the Galaxy Nexus was launched in November.

Counting the S III, that’s five top-notch smartphones in a year: the Galaxy S II, Galaxy Nexus, Galaxy Note, Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note II. So it shouldn’t be shocking to hear a new flagship phone making its way just nine months into the life of the S III.

Now the word, as we hear it, is that Samsung would unveil the Galaxy S IV in February during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Each of the company’s new gadgets have upped themselves in hardware and software, so we can imagine that the new one would further the standards.

The S IV is expected to sport an enlarged screen, raising the inches from the current 4.8-inches of the S 3 to 5-inches, with an OLED display.

And yes, it will run on Android, presumably the latest Android if the version kicks off before the phone is launched.

As for the processors, we don’t have any solid confirmation except for guesses that quad-core and dual-core chipsets will be present under the hood. 4G LTE network support too is a touted feature, like the current S III, but other than that, we have no more details.

Samsung wants to keep its one-year product schedule and the Galaxy SIV will be the first to match that strategy. The SIV will see some external changes but retain its popular rectangular shape with rounded corner concept,’’ said an official from one of Samsung’s local partners.

The rounded corner concept is still in the bag, and we expect there’s more hanging around that corner.

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