Panasonic G series Cam Boasts 72 Mbps Video Shoot Capability

September 18, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Leaving new cameras out to cinematographers to come out with their creative explorations is a usual promotional technique used by camera makers these days.

The film, apart from its artistic quality, will function as a demo of the capacity of the camera too. Panasonic also belongs to the same herd when it comes to promoting new cameras.

They have picked cinematographer Philip Bloom to shoot a short-film, which is a fast paced drama of short duration, with a Panasonic camera.

The attempt became interesting for us, not just with the artistic quality of the film they came out with, but also with the fact that the camera used for shooting the film was a brand new G camera which is yet to be released.

Dubbed Genesis, the film is notable for its fast pace. For telling the story of a man running to meet his love before it is too late, the fast paced approach is the most apt one.

Though the director is obliged not to talk about the specs and features of the camera he has used for the film, he has given away some details of the upcoming micro four third camera.

According to Bloom, the body of the camera depends on an unbelievable 72 Mbps AII-I codec for video.

It has helped the device and the director to capture the race through the streets without the usual compression artifacts of the AVHCD format used by other mirrorless cams.

The director also says that the cam is notable for its much improved results in low light conditions. So watch it on action, after the break.

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