Yahoo Dumps BlackBerry as the Corporate Phone for its Employees

September 17, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The sinking Yahoo enjoyed an unexpected bonus when Google’s Marrissa Mayer climbed to the helm of affairs. But that move however has come as a blow to RIM, another sinking company.

The new Yahoo CEO has decided not to consider RIM’s BlackBerry as the corporate phone for Yahoo employees.

Mayer, via an internal message, has informed employees that they would get a new smartphone of their choice for which the company will pay the money and the subsequent voice and data bills.

Employees can choose any popular phones, including iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy SIII, HTC Evo 4G LTE or Nokia Lumia 920, but not BlackBerry.

So, in short, BlackBerry has lost one more corporate customer who would have bought thousands of units for the employees.

The loss comes at a time when RIM is finding its market share falling drastically in markets world over.

Mayer, in her message to employees, has explained the rationale behind the thought. Clearly stating that the company is taking off the RIM phones as corporate phones, Mayer said that the decision was made based on smartphone penetration rates in the global market.

As per latest studies, RIM found its market share in smartphone market plummeting from a 25 percent mark in September 2011 to a mere 1 percent in last July.

So, Mayer says that the company wants its employees to have devices similar to the end users of Yahoo products. Yahoo employees will be happy. RIM Employees will not be.

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