Samsung Pits SIII Against iPhone 5 in New Print Ad

September 17, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Well, iPhone 5 is certainly the best iPhone ever that have come out so far. Agreed. But again, it is the most boring iPhone to ever come out too.

When the iPhone 5 came out, it had no revolutions hidden inside, no groundbreaking stuff, at least going by the hardware specs. In a way, iPhone 5 just leveled the hardware competition out in the field, not added anything challenging.

Samsung has hit the rival at this weak point. The latest ad from Samsung, the first to come out after the iPhone 5 launch, is hitting the rival right at the weak spot.

The ad puts Samsung’s Galaxy SIII against the new comer, with the key specifications of both the handsets pitted against.

Interestingly, the ad clearly reveals that the Samsung Galaxy SIII is elite when it comes to many of the hardware specs. For example, SIII has a bigger screen with better resolution and talk time. However, SIII is a hefty device.

However, the interesting plot in the ad is the long list found under SIII, making us feel that iPhone 5 has just a bunch of features.

However, the long list under SIII also shows software features many of which are unique to it, and not industry standards.

If that is the way, iPhone 5 also should have a list of its unique software features.

But ultimately, the users who go test these rivals should decide. So tell us what do you think about these rivals?

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