Microsoft Windows 8 OS Being Sent to Device Makers

September 15, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

It looks like this year is going to be a major turning point for Microsoft. A new server OS, new desktop OS, new Microsoft Office suite, new mobile platform, and new tablet hardware are all being launched virtually simultaneously.

We hear the company has already shipped the Windows 8 packages to phone companies and other manufacturers, so that pre-loading will be done in a time-bound manner.

Will Windows 8 change the whole course of the tech world? Any answer may seem a little farfetched at this point of time.

About 90,000 workers form Microsoft will be carrying and using Windows 8 smartphones and Surface RT tablets. Thus, the devices will get a huge boost in exposure.

Friends and family of those 90,000 employees will have a chance to experience the new Windows 8 smartphones and tablets.

That would also mean that word-of-mouth marketing will be much more invaluable to Microsoft than any advertising it can buy.

Microsoft followed a similar strategy a couple years ago when it gave all employees Windows Phone 7 smartphones. Despite word-of-mouth marketing and excitement that should’ve been generated among Microsoft’s family and friends, the Windows Phone platform has still been struggling to earn a seat at the table with other mobile platforms like iOS and Android going great guns.

Microsoft isn’t just developing additional alterations to currently existing product lines.

The OSes, platforms, software and devices that Microsoft would unleash this year represent a bold makeover from traditional Microsoft products and strategies.

Much of what Microsoft is doing is essentially a gamble; but the company has proved in the past that it knows how to gamble.

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