Wii U to Sport Expandable Memory; No Inbuilt DVR Hardware Under the Hood

September 14, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Before the entertainment starts with the new Wii U, there are so many things that one should know about the device. The most significant one will be the fact that the Wii U that is in a user’s hand will either be the base model having an internal memory of 8 GB or the premium model having 32 GB.

Whatever the model be, it will have expandable memory. That is, from now on, the users won’t have to worry about purchasing new games and content. There will be space for all the needs.

The only sad thing is that the Wii U doesn’t have any hardware for DVR or TiVo under its gorgeous cabinet.

Nintendo America CEO and president Reggie Fils-Aime explained that the reason the company did it this way is that the cost of that type of storage memory is plummeting.

What it didn’t want to do is to tie a profit model to something that’s going to rapidly decline over time. He also said that Nintendo will let the consumers buy as much as they want, as cheaply as they want.

PS3 and Xbox 360 users have been able to expand the memory of their consoles in the same way (also with Cloud storage), so it’s great that Nintendo is pushing their new console to do the same.

Another feature the Nintendo Wii U will have is the ability to record and play back movies and TV shows.

Though it is told that it’s not exactly handled by the Wii U itself; Reggie clarified that the Wii U doesn’t have DVR or TiVo hardware built into the system, but the functionality will come from an existing TiVo or DVR service.

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