iPhone 5 Will Make Highest iPhone Sales Quarter in Apple’s History, Says Research Firm

September 13, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

iPhone 5 is now out and the device is expected to make a big difference in the marketplace. The potential of the device will help Apple to make record sales in the next quarter, estimates market analyst firm IHS iSuppli.

The fourth quarter of the year, according to the market research firm, will be the biggest one in Apple’s history as far as iPhone sales are concerned.

According to their estimation, the iPhone 5 demand will make the smartphone shipments from Apple to hit 149 million units in 2012. The figure shows a 60 percent jump from the 93 million unit shipment in 2011.

Since the release of the phone leaves only a week or so with the third quarter, the Q3 figures may not be affected much by the iPhone 5 shipments. However, the real impact of iPhone 5 will be visible in the fourth quarter of this year, says the analysis.

According to the analysis from the firm, the anticipation of the iPhone 5 has enticed many potential customers to wait and see what new and exciting features Apple will offer with the new device. It has put a dent in the growth of iPhone sales in the second quarter.

However, the delayed purchases will now get unleashed to take the iPhone sales in the last quarter to new heights, says the analysis.

The firm considers the change to a 4-inch display and the 4G LTE capability makes the iPhone 5 a highly-desired new phone when compared with other devices in the line-up. These and other features will make it move better in the market than the iPhone 4S did at its release, says the firm.

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