Apple iPhone 5 Foreseen Exceeding Sales Expectations

September 13, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

With the launch of iPhone 5, analysts already believe its sales will exceed all expected values. Though the latest iPhone was launched in a more mature market, they are sure there will be increased number of users who want to get their hands on the device. The sales of iPhone 5 will commence from September 21st.

Piper Jaffray Investment Research has many analysts who have already predicted that this device will be selling 22 million units in the September quarter. Now they have pumped up the number to about 27.2 million as the launch event seemed more spectacular.

The other factor that has aided the increase in the predicted sales figure is that Android users are finding iOS quite irresistible as they are getting bored of the user interface provided by Android devices.

Analysts at Oppenheimer’s Equity Research have opined that they will be keeping up the original predicted numbers.

They seemed pretty adamant about it. According to their predictions, Apple will be shipping 6 to 7 million units of this new device by the September end and the total will account to about 25 million iPhone 5s in the September quarter.

By December, they are hoping that about 47 million iPhone units will be sold.

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