iOS Gets Stand Alone YouTube App from Google

September 12, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

We know many of you are waiting for the new iPhone to come out in a while, and for the new features to be unveiled about iOS6. However, you can get a brand-new app for iOS, right before the launch of the new platform.

The app is no mean thing, since we are talking about the YouTube standalone app from Google.

Google has earlier confirmed that they will release a new stand alone app instead of the native app from Apple for YouTube, as Apple’s license with Google had expired recently. Now, the stand alone YouTube app promised by Google is ready for download.

The luck is for guys with an iPhone or iPod Touch as they can go to the iOS app store and start downloading. The app is available for free download from September 11 when it was released to the iOS app store.

However, Google is yet to extend the apps support to iPad devices, which is indeed a sad thing. According to the sources close to the search giant, they are working on another version of the app which will be optimized for iPad devices.

The app has already collected applauds from its initial users with its new features. The app offers you access to millions of videos which were inaccessible in the older native app.

The new addition of filters, which was absent in the older version developed by Apple, makes the app almost on par with its desktop counterpart.

It has also brought a voice based search feature, but the performance is very poor. Now try the app and let us know your reactions.

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