Samsung Sues LG for Alleged OLED Technology Theft

September 11, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Just as a court fight over alleged patent violations is wrapped up for Samsung, now another one begins. This time, Samsung is in the role of complainant and LG, Samsung’s major rival in the display market is the accused.

Samsung has filed suits against LG, alleging that the company has stolen the technological secrets behind their Organic Light-Emitting Diode (OLED) displays. Samsung presently commands 99 percent of market share in OLED market.

According to Samsung, LG has been continuously recruiting and employing former Samsung employees, gradually getting information on the technology from their experience in Samsung.

As per the law suit, Samsung is seeking a compensation of $880,514 from LG for making use of Samsung’s technology in their products as well as for leaking important trade secrets of the company to the public.

As part of the legal procedure, Samsung has reportedly submitted documents on 18 confidential technologies which are closely related to OLED screens. It has also submitted documents with 21 other detail.

It is estimated that the South Korean company Samsung has invested $886 million to develop the OLED technology.

However, it is not the first legal skirmish between the companies as Samsung has sued 11 people including some of their present and former employees for stealing technological know-how and giving it to LG.

However, LG has denied all the allegations and has made it clear that they will sue Samsung for defamation in the near future. LG claims that they are using a completely different display system which makes the Samsung technology less suitable.

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