American Airlines to Allow iPads in the Cockpit

September 11, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The day you can keep your iPad on all the time during a flight is not far away.

The routine of requesting passengers to switch off the electronic devices during takeoff and landing stages will be soon phased out.

The practice has turned out to be less logical, since American Airlines has recently announced that it will allow its pilots to use iPads in the cockpit of the flight in all the phases of flight.

According to the AA, allowing the pilots to use tablets will help them and the company very much.

The tablets can easily store documentation that will otherwise weigh 35 pounds when printed on paper and makes it difficult to retrieve.

Since pilots have to carry it with them on every flight, replacing that with with a light weight tablet is expected to help save $1.2 million worth fuel each year.

So if the authorities think it is safer for an iPad to emit electromagnetic radiations in the cockpit of a flight rather than anywhere else, what is wrong with passengers using it from their seats?

According to experts, the ban on electronic gadgets on a plane is mainly to avoid them being projectiles and cause accident if the plane hits turbulence.

However, things are going to change, at least with the American Airlines. The carrier is planning to issue iPads to its crew on its 777 aircraft. From next year onwards, they will stop issuing paper based flight manuals too.

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