Amazon Kindle Fire and HD Users Can Opt Out of ‘Special Offer’ Ads

September 10, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Amazon’s Kindle Fire HD that launched on September 6th seems to be making news for all the wrong reasons.

After the news of the device going on sale without proper FCC approval hit anxious customers and analysts last Friday, the company has now offered all genuine buyers some respite by confirming that they can opt-out of onscreen ads for a $15 payment.

Apple will be stealing the show this Wednesday, when it launches the new iPhone and possibly a smaller iPad. Amazon was quite brilliant to launch their tablets before Apple crowds the market with their devices.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos made it clear that the company is gunning for Apple’s iPad, which is of course a costlier but higher specification device. Though it is not yet certain whether the company will receive the FCC approval for the device, it has already been lined-up for pre-order.

The advertising opt-out helps the device to pose a strong competition with Google Nexus 7, another 7-inch tablet that is priced at $199.

The two tablets differ widely in the aspect that the Kindle Fire allows device owners to consume Amazon’s library of content including App store, while the Nexus 7 is more oriented towards Google mobile services and apps found in Google Play.

Amazon spokesman Kinley Pearsall has been quoted as saying, with Kindle Fire and Kindle Fire HD there will be a special offers opt-out option for $15. He also said Amazon knows from their Kindle reader line that customers love their special offers and very few people choose to opt out.

The previous generation of Kindle Fire had cost half as much as an entry-level iPad. But the $499 price of the new 8.9-inch Kindle Fire HD with 4G LTE is a clear challenge to the third-generation iPad’s starting price tag.

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