Windows Phone PayPal App Now Available

September 8, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Microsoft is reaching out to all kinds of customer needs with additions to its Windows Phone app list. The latest entry is the PayPal app for the Windows platform.

The app looks great and sports all solid basic features, and combines well with the Windows Phone general outlook featuring the Modern UI style.

The app contains all the traditional function like sending/receiving and managing payments and accounts. The PayPal for the Windows Phone helps you to track down local merchants, who have been using the ‘PayPal Here’ service and you can pay these merchants via your Windows phone.

The PayPal app in the Windows Phone, however, misses out on some features and even the Windows Phone Marketplace description of the app states that all the app features may not be available in certain countries.

Also, the app is devoid of features such as the ability to snap a photo of your credit card and use it as a payment option.

Well, early reviews of the app say that it is efficient and responsive. We know that these are always the significant elements of Microsoft’s mobile platform. The PayPal app is now available from Windows Phone Marketplace.

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