Hacker Finds a Way for Unauthorized Apps to Sneak Into PS Vita

September 7, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Till yesterday, the name ‘Yifan Lu’ was not even recognized. But today, the web is searching for that name as it’s the name of the hacker who opened the way for pirated as well as unauthorized apps into PS Vita.

Yes folks, PS Vita just got hacked!  And, with that, now it’s official that there are no companies in the gaming industry that are 100% hack-proof.

The hacker described himself as a student with a hobby in reverse engineering, and told that the hack that is existing in its very early stages, took several months to discover.

Finding it, however, allowed the group to run a memory dump to learn more about the Vita’s brains. The hacker, Yifan Lu, has released a few lines of code for the project and is encouraging other developers to join in and aid his efforts.

There is currently nothing for budding homebrew fans to download, or any indication of when such a thing might even be released. While this development is not directly linked to piracy and Yifan Lu’s loader is not being designed to enable software piracy on the machine, it is likely to unsettle Sony to a great extent.

Sony has long faced a difficult fight in the battle against hackers of its hardware and products. According to Sony, the PlayStation Portable was repeatedly hacked, ultimately resulting in low sales of the device. Is this happy news or a sad one? The answer seems pretty farfetched at this point of time.

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