Apple iPhone 5 Will Not Feature Audience New Noise Suppression Technology

September 7, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Contrary to wide spread expectations and rumors, Apple may not use the innovative technology developed by Audience at the new iPhone to help Siri understand the mutterings of her masters even if they are in a noisy environment.

Dubbed earSmart noise suppression technology, the innovative way of filtering out noise, developed by Audience has grabbed attention when Apple has licensed its next generation technology in February to future Apple products.

Siri on iPhone 4S is already using Audience’s noise filtering technology.

However, as per a recent announcement from Audience, it is less likely that Apple will use their noise suppression technology in iPhone 5.

Apple, as per sources, has decided not to use the technology after due deliberations.

According to the statement from Audience, though they have engaged in a license deal for their IP Processor with Apple and their OEMS, Apple and OEMs are not obliged to use the processor IP in new devices.

However, the decision from Apple will adversely affect Audience very much since they were expected to get royalties from Apple after one quarter when the devices are sold to consumers.

The impact will start showing in the financial picture of Audience one quarter after the iPhone launch. Following the announcement, Audience stocks plummeted to a 40 percent low.

The company has delivered a voice processing clip for iPhone 4 and with iPhone 4S, the technology was directly integrated into the A5 chip. The integration has helped Siri perform better in iPhone 4S.

Though the reasons for dumping Audience technology is not disclosed, it is clear that the iGiant has found a cheaper and better alternative for Siri to excel in iPhone 5.

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