Apple iPhone 5 Imminent, iPhone 3GS to be Phased Out

September 7, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Well, the way births and deaths take place often creates happiness and sadness, but above the emotional plane, they are balancing acts. So now, when everybody is so much excited about the upcoming iPhone, there is a possibility of a sad part that Apple may phase out the iPhone 3GS completely with the new product launch.

Presently, iPhone 3GS is the cheapest and oldest iPhone available in the market, offered for no price with a new contract from a compatible carrier.

But with the new iPhone and its exciting features coming out on September 12th, the Cupertino Company may phase out the phone completely, pushing the iPhone 4 to be the cheapest device in the iPhone clan.

As iPhone 4 is likely to be pushed down to the lower tier with the launch of the new device, reports already indicate that many carriers will start offering it free for a new contract.

Unlike iPhone 3GS which was compatible only to GSM networks, iPhone 4 can work on multiple frequencies and so it will improve the options available for customers on different carriers.

However, there are sources which argue that Apple may surprise the customers who are not interested in the iPhone 5, with an 8 GB version of the iPhone 4S for an affordable price. At present, the only 8 GB iPhone option available for customers is the 8 GB iPhone 4.

As per the sources, Apple may launch the 8 GB iPhone 4S at a $100 price for a contract or so, to balance the changes in the market. If it happens so, would you clinch the deal?

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