Tablets with Upgradable CPUs in the Making

September 6, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

In the PC era, upgrading the processing power of a device was not a question at all since users were able to swap the CPU or the mother broad for a better one if the situation arises.

But with the new portable computing solutions like tablets, upgrading the processing capacity was not very easy.

You may extend the storage capacity to an extent with the help of microSD slots, but no way to swap CPUs.

But things are going to change, suggests a new attempt by Navarre Bartz, who wants to develop an upgradable tablet which helps you change the processor, graphics, memory to improve the processing and storage abilities of a tablet.

As per the idea, as it has been entered it in the Instructables/Jack Daniel’s Independence Project contest, the tablet mother board will have two parts.

The main board will have the input and output ports. It will also have the connectivity options like the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

The second part of the mother board will hold the CPU, memory and storage. The second part will be located in a slot from where it can be removed and replaced.

The prototype developed by Bartz, demonstrates the idea clearly, in which the secondary board is a Toadex Colibri computer fixed on a module.

It is tiny in appearance but holds a powerful NVIDIA Tegra dual core processor chips.

The idea is pretty interesting, since it will break the present life cycle of tablets which force you to dump them after a point of time.

However, at present, it is just a competition entry and we are not sure if it will ever hit the market.

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