Sony 84-inch Bravia TV Up for Pre-Order, Starting in a While

September 6, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

It can be undoubtedly said the world’s most popular television series is Sony’s Bravia. Being the latest addition to the series, the 84-inch 84X900 is likely to be the king of the product line.

This amazing piece of equipment will be starting its pre-order from tomorrow, sporting a price of around $25,000. And, if you have the dime, it’s an absolutely worth a buy.

A TV of this size is like a dream come true for most of the youngsters and Sony does know how to make dreams turn true.

Boasting a resolution of 3840 x 2160, it’s four times as sharp as a full HD 1080p display, pushing 8 million pixels to the viewer’s eyes.

Sony manages this with their new 4K X-Reality Pro processing engine, which delivers jaw-dropping visuals. Colors are bold and movement is handled in a fluid, natural way that’s easy on the eyes.

But it’s the added detail that really impresses. Fine detail is pulled out of every inch of the screen, giving far more depth to images, particularly in busy landscape and natural scenes.

The 84-inch 4K Bravia also benefits from having a pair of dedicated external speakers bolted onto either side. Noting that flatscreen TVs have woeful audio capabilities, Sony has gone for a practical solution by basically sticking two soundbars to the left and right of the screen.

Each houses 5 individual ‘Live Speakers’ for 50W of pseudo-5.1 surround sound. Upscaling is not always a pretty sight, but the 84-inch 4K Bravia  manages pleasantly sharp images that drew added depth from the lower-resolution source material, without too much added noise, when it made its debut at the IFA 2012.

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