Nokia Lumia Phones Come with Glove Friendly Touch Screens

September 6, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

As you know, Nokia has made a strong return by unveiling two brand new stunning devices – Lumia 920 and the mid range Lumia 820. Now the news pours in.

Though the new devices are worth talking about a lot, we are more interested about one of the special features of these phones, which makes their touch support extra sensitive.

The new touch technology used by Nokia on these phones makes it easier for you to use them even with gloves on or with the fingernails.

This is something which was unheard of in the case of smartphones, since the capacitive displays were able to detect fingertips only.

The present capacitive displays can detect the fingertips by bouncing a signal off them. Then the technology measures disturbances in the waveform.

In the new technology, the sensor sensitivity is so high that even the movements in the vicinity are correctly detected.

However, the Super Sensitive Touch technology is not entirely a novelty with Nokia since Synaptics has already showed it off in the ClearPad Series 3 Touch screen digitizer earlier.

Synaptics have grabbed many hearts when they showed it off at the last Mobile World Congress. However, Nokia is the first to use it on smartphone screens.

Not all technological developments come with only positive sides. The butt-related calls are already flooding the emergency service and the super sensitive displays may trigger a call even if a fly passes nearby.

However, Synaptics confirm that it has a separate sensitivity profile for glove, skin and fingernail applications. So that may curb unnecessary commands, but we are yet to know if Nokia phones also have the same.

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