Apple Plans to Grab Dock Connector Adaptor Market after iPhone 5 Launch

September 6, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

When an imminent iPhone launch appears in the horizon, rumors flood the tech news space.

That has been the custom in the past and there is also no respite for it in the current season. As the new rig is rumored to see the day’s light on September 12, rumor mills are working overtime to grab attention.

Since many of them have given interesting insights into the nature of the device in the past, we are obliged to bring the latest news on the wind to our readers.

As per the latest grapevine in the town, Apple may try to grab the market for accessories which may thrive with a change in the dock connector in the upcoming iPhone.

Rumors were rife right from the beginning that Apple is going to change the current 30 pin dock connector on the iPhone 4S to a smaller one in iPhone 5.

Though none of the Apple officials sources have confirmed such a claim, it is almost sure that the dock connector will be smaller in the upcoming device. Rumor mills have been debating the chances of an 8-pin dock connector to a 19-pin dock connector.

However, it is clear that a change in the dock connector will force consumers to buy adapters to make all their existing accessories which were compatible to a 30 pin dock connector to work with the new iPhone.

Many third party accessory makers are happy that they can make a reap here but new rumor says that Apple is planning to sell the adapter at $10 per piece or for $29 for three.

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