Amazon Smartphone Foray Looks Set to Happen in a While

September 6, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

For a huge player like Amazon, selling products is trademark stuff and the company obviously wants to explore new terrains.

As a start to the whole thought, Amazon will be unleashing its own smartphone at an event very soon. The phone is likely to feature Amazon Kindle Fire’s UI version of Android 4.0 ICS. With no specific details known to the world, we can assume all will be good. After all, it’s Amazon.

The tech community is joy-jumping with excitement at the possibility of an Amazon smartphone.

After news surrounding the updated Kindle Fire and e-reader was leaked last week, anticipation runs the highest at the possibility that Amazon will put its own smartphone for sale around Christmas.

According to a report that came out last month, it was indicated that the Amazon was working with Foxconn, the manufacturers of the iPhone and iPad.

The company has also been buying wireless patents, perhaps in order to offer its own prepaid cell service. Analysts suggest that an Amazon phone would come equipped with features that will be promoting Amazon content and services.

Offering prepaid cellular service wouldn’t be a huge task for Amazon. The company has offered its ‘WhisperNet’ service since the very first Kindle, which originally used Sprint’s EVDO network to offer anytime data connectivity to its e-readers.

Amazon has proven that it is adept at being a step ahead of the competition with the Kindle, Kindle Fire, and its cloud computing services. Offering its own wireless service would definitely push Amazon’s legacy to a mightier extent.

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