Adobe Photoshop Touch App Updated with Loads of New Features

September 6, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Everything has to change as time passes. That is an irrevocable, unwritten rule which has more relevance in the present tech world.

Digital equipments and services update to better versions every now and then. Adobe is well aware about it. So it rolls out occasional updates to the popular photo editing software package Photoshop.

Here we are talking about the improvements brought by the latest one to the Photoshop Touch app for Android platform.

The new update makes it possible for you work on even bigger images up to the quality of 12 megapixels without compromising on the highest image quality.

As part of grabbing remaining regional markets on the globe, the new update brings additional language support for Russian and Brazilian Portuguese.

To bless the users to unleash their innovation and creativity, Photoshop applied with the latest update will offer two new effects – Shred and Colorise.

In order to keep navigation smooth and lively, the update brings smoother animation and scrolling effects in the organizer, file picker and in the tutorials too.

Apart from a number of invisible bug fixes, the new update also improves the touch support for the software.

According to Adobe, the update offers new gesture to toggle between the fit screen option and the 100 percent view option.

For precise movements, the update brings in new pixel nudging mode to Photoshop too.

If you want apply the update and feel the difference, head on Google Play store and find it yourself.

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