HTC 8X, 8S Windows Phone 8 Devices to Come on September 19

September 5, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

September 19 will be a great day for many HTC fans. The smartphone maker has asked many of the media houses out there to save the date so that they can take part in an event held by the company.

Emerging information suggests that the same date can be a great day for those who are waiting for a Windows Phone 8 device too.

The official invitation from HTC for the event promises that it will help press people “to see what’s next”. Moreover, the invitation features two circles, which if you look similar to an ‘8’.  So the event, obviously, is something related to ‘8’.

To join more dots to make the picture clearer, we would like to remind you that September 19 happens to fit with the rumored mid-September launch of a Windows Phone 8 device from HTC.

Previous rumors have hinted that HTC is presently working on something called HTC Accord, which could be a Windows Phone 8 device. However, newly emerging information says that the Accord might be called HTC 8X.

However, there are still more things to come out of the HTC stables that has a WP8 tag on them.

Sources close to HTC hint that the company will unveil one more Windows Phone 8 device on the same day, named HTC 8S.

However, that will not be the first Windows Phone 8 device launch to be held in New York this month since the Finnish player Nokia is planning to unveil their WP8 device on September 5th.

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