Chinese Clone Maker Threatens to Sue Apple for Patent Violation

September 5, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Well, we are living in a time of patent wars. Here, the original can sue a duplicate. Bizarre, it may seem, a duplicate also can sue the original.

That is exactly the case with the Chinese clone maker GooPhone threatening to sue Apple for patent violations if the upcoming iPhone 5 has any resemblance with the iPhone 5 Knock-off they have released last week.

The clone maker has designed a cheap Android phone based on the leaked iPhone 5 parts info, but they were able to release their product first, since the original iPhone 5 from Apple is still waiting for an official unveiling ceremony.

The iPhone 5 knock-off designed by GooPhone has almost all the features in line with the iPhone 5 rumors so far, at least in appearance. The only exception is that it has the Android robot in the back in place of the fruity Apple logo of the iGiant.

Moreover, the company has had the design of the device patented in China. Since it has released the device first, GooPhone now threatens that it has the original and that it can even take legal action against Apple if it comes out with a similar device.

We are not quite sure if the clone maker GooPhone has decided to sue Apple if the iPhone 5 resembles its device or whether it is trying to play some fun games so that it can get a lot of publicity.

Either way, the tactic is something Apple’s Android rivals can try out, since getting a flagship device delayed in a market with patent suits will dent the market potential of that device very much.

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