Use Your iPhone to Remotely Control a Helicopter [Video]

September 4, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

If you like playing with boys’ toys like racing cars, speeding trucks and helicopters, here’s good news. MOTA 6036 Extreme helicopter is the latest in the line of MOTA helicopter and it can be controlled via your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch using an app.

MOTA 6036 Extreme helicopter can be controlled remotely using the motion or touch controls of the iOS devices.

The trick of turning your iPhone into a remote control is actually performed by an app called Smart Helicopter which is a freely available for download at iTunes.

Once you plug the transmitter into the headphone jack, you may start your miniature drone expeditions.

The MOTA 6036 Extreme helicopter for iOS devices has a three channel radio control which helps you to make it move left or right, forward or backward and hover over the place or land safely at the point you decide.

It has the gyro and battery safe guard. The 3.7V 240mAh battery powers the helicopter and can be charged via a USB port in 30 minutes.

The helicopter has a flashing light below the tail rotor which flashes in more than one color. It also features white lights to the front. The toy which weighs 56 grams in its full armor, costs $44.95 only.

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