Firefox OS App Marketplace Spotted in Leaked Pictures

September 4, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

For those who are eagerly waiting for a view of the upcoming Firefox OS, here is the latest update. A set of newly leaked images give us an early idea about the Marketplace on the Firefox OS. Now you can start dreaming about shopping apps on the new OS when it comes out in its full shape.

Interestingly, all the apps appearing in the leaked screen shots show that they are free. So is it going to be a completely open sources app marketplace on Firefox OS? Not necessarily.

Experts suggest that the free apps on the leaked screen shots may also indicate that Mozilla, the developer of the OS, is yet to zero in on a satisfactory pricing scheme for the apps in its market place.

As per latest report, the OS may launch in early 2013, and we hope that by then Mozilla will be able figure out a better pricing model.

While examining the look and feel of the marketplace, we felt that the Firefox OS Marketplace also is designed in such a way that users can easily find and access apps through searching for them.

An app page here, just like that in other app marketplaces, will give you a description of the features of the app.

However, the design seems to be a bit rough, may be because we are seeing a very early version. That means the original market place when it surfaces with the OS may not look exactly the same.

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