Samsung S Pen SDK Version 2.2 for Note Series Revealed

August 31, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Okay, you already know that Samsung has unveiled the Galaxy Note II at IFA in Berlin. But what caught the attention of the audience was the device’s signature S Pen Stylus with its increased functionality.

The Pen that accompanies Note II is loaded with features and is “ergonomically designed for the perfect grip”. This makes the job of clipping and cropping and editing screen content easier, and also has added illustration and handwritten keyword recognition.

There’s also a unique “hover” functionality, with which an app will sense if the Pen is in the vicinity of the screen and will react accordingly with contextual menus and other activities.

Samsung has now put on board the updated S Pen SDK version 2.2 with a number of fantastic features including context awareness, which recognizes when the S Pen is detached or an ear plug is attached. There is also the SPen Detachment Listner which recognizes when the S Pen is detached.

Easier and expanded drawing adds advanced features to creative apps like color filling features, improved user interface, 33 new image effects, and a calligraphy brush, bringing the total number of brushes up to five. With expanded features, images from SCanvasView can be cut or copied or pasted using clipboard.

Along with the unveiling of the feature-filled S Pen, Samsung also announced that is hosting the Smart App Challenge, where you can win prizes up to $200,000 for creating your own app. The entries for the contest are open till September 30.

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