New Amazon Kindle to Feature Paperwhite Backlight Display

August 31, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

In this inter-connected world, it’s hard to keep anything secret. Every day we come across some leaked information about an upcoming product. The latest one is about the upcoming Kindle device from Amazon.

The leaked news and screenshots show the new reader with a smaller bezel. However the main attraction is that it features a ‘Paperwhite’ backlit display.

The name of the device is still not known, but it is rumored that the device will come out on September 6.

The latest entry into the Amazon Kindle eBook reader range will be a direct rival to the Barnes & Noble Nook Simple Touch with Glowlight. Like its peer, the new Kindle, which may be called Kindle Paperlight, will have an illuminated screen, making reading in the dark easier.

Since it is still an e-ink display, it is safe to presume that the users will be able to turn off the backlight in order to read in sunlight the same way as they did with a conventional Kindle, thereby offering the good feature from the predecessor devices.

Contrast will be higher than before, which is obvious considering the ‘Paperwhite’ background and backlight.

It will have a higher resolution than the current Kindle range. And the battery will last up to eight weeks, regardless of the illuminated screen.

From the leaked pictures it can be seen that the basic design of the new Kindle will be the same as the current Kindle Touch, but without a button on the main side. Release regions are not yet known and hopefully it will hit the UK before Christmas.

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