Twitter Kicks Off New Certification Program for Developers

August 30, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

To keep developer relations very clean and pure, the popular micro blogging service Twitter has started a certification program for developers.

According to a recent blog post from Seth Bindrnagel, a platform marketing staff with Twitter, the certification program will help Twitter to find and encourage innovative developers.

However, the new certification process comes as part of the new tougher restrictions Twitter has been implementing for some time now for developers. The earlier move to put more strict regulations for developers has invited much criticism to Twitter form the developer community, but it helped the service to get a set of innovative developers with whom they have made stronger relations.

The new certification program has 12 companies that have been in the good list of Twitter. However, it is just a beginning and Twitter is looking to get more companies into that fold.

The program will literally certify developers and their product with three blue seals of approval. The three seals are for three categories – engagement, analytics and data resellers.

Among these three, products like Social Flow or Mass Relevance belong to engagement category which helps brands to engage potential customers of fan groups through the micro blogging service.

Analytics products, on the other hand, collect info on what is the buzz word on Twitter. However, companies like Datasift and Topsy fall into the category of data resellers who make interfaces to categories Twitter feeds and help brands understand the data trends.

The move  is obviously to boost the blue bird’s image as a better business place.

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