Microsoft Surface in the Offing; Street Art Shows Up in NY City

August 27, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The Microsoft Surface tablet is set to hit the stores on October 26th this year. However, Microsoft has already started spreading out its marketing strategy well ahead of time.

One of the interesting promotional techniques used by Microsoft to grab public attention towards the Surface is amazing wall graffiti, which the company has exhibited in many parts of New York City.

The graffiti sports some similarities. All of them show an outline of the Surface tablet, similar in color and combination to the machines Microsoft has showed off at the time of the official unveiling of Surface tablets in June.

A building wall in New York City, for example, now carries a street art ad which shows three Surface tablets with keyboards of three different colors.

Notably, the ad does not give any other info found on an ad – no price or features. Microsoft has not yet released the possible prices of the Surface tablets either.

Depending on street art to catch pubic attention before the launch of a new product is Microsoft’s favorite marketing strategy. They had done the same while launching MSN in 2002.

Again, when they showed off Windows Phone 7 in 2010, similar street graffiti were rolled out in advance.

However, at times the marketing frenzy has backfired, with authorities slapping a fine of $50 for sticking the MSN butterflies on public properties.

If that happens this time too, Microsoft will be more than happy since such a fine will again leverage the publicity it needs the product to get.

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